Fun Flyer Sets Tone for “How to Have Better…” Workshop

How to Have BetterWorkshop

A personal note from Jeanette Joy…

Greetings from my home,

How to Have Better Sex Lose Weight Make Millions and Eat has been in my heart and thoughts for years. I’m so excited to share with you ideas and inspirations I’ve learned while researching happiness and joy. Just one little change in your life can make a huge difference. These workshops will be presented again next year, but imagine having greater happiness right away and during the upcoming holidays.

As my friend Maria Parkinson says, we must learn how to play the hand dealt– to the best of our ability. Do you need a boost in your happiness? You can spend the next twenty years struggling and learning how to be happy, or you can take a direct path. Let me help you. If you don’t agree the day is more worth than worth $88, I’ll refund your money. You must participate to get a refund. Because this is the first time this information will be shared in an intimate setting indoors, tickets are limited.

Our intimate How to Have Better…Workshop has room for 20 people on November 2, 2013 –Reserve your seat today!

  • What if just one sex secret could change your life? Even if you think you’re past “all that” you’ll be surprised at what we discuss.
  • What would you like to know about making money in today’s economy?
  • Are you totally satisfied with your life as is?

This is the program we’re working on for you:

Gathering and introductions 10:00 to 11:00 AM. Please understand that we can’t be interrupted once we start.

  1. Introduction to The Golden Rule of Joy
  2. The Secret to Habits, Goals, and Resolutions
  3. The Eight Elements of Your Being Key to Joyful Living
  4. Create Your Happiness Wheel with Design Psychology Tips
  5. How to Have Better Sex
  6. How to Make Millions
  7. How to Lose Weight or Keep Fit for Life

We’ll have a lunch break, a tea, coffee & chocolate break, and then celebrate with dinner and a champagne & chocolate fireside celebration.

“I’ll come for the chocolate alone!”

Decide who you want to be, change your habits, believe in yourself, prove yourself, reward yourself, and achieve your goals. You’ll be more equipped to handle life’s difficult decisions after this life changing day.

React, Rethink, Respond, Rejoice!

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